Burley Park Flea Market


Today we traveled with Kevin and Erika (it’s Kevin’s birthday!!) to Howard City, MI to Burley Park for a large flea market. There was so much stuff!! 

I met a few interesting characters…

burley-park-howard-city-mi-1 burley-park-howard-city-mi-2


I found an AWESOME booth with furniture made from old barn wood (CK Barnwood Craft out of Sheridan, MI). I’m going to commission them to make my dining room table after the addition is complete! Can’t WAIT!

I found a few large wire and bail jars (which I collect to put my spices and some pantry items in).


Erika got a great deal on a Hobart kitchen scale. The boys came up empty handed, but they were fed well! We got gyros, jumbo hot dogs, spiral fries and fresh squeezed from the food vendors at the park. It was DELICIOUS! The food alone was worth the drive!

We took the long way home, through Morely, Standwood, Big Rapids, Paris and Reed City. We stopped at a great antique shop in Paris called Paris Country Shoppe Antiques (22203 Northland Dr in Paris, MI). We met the owner, Noreen Kehr. She has a great store! So many unique items and all at really great prices. I bought a dozen half gallon Kerr canning jars for $10!! Erika bought a water bath canner for $6!


If you are an antique’r, you should definitely stop in! 

We stopped at DQ for ice cream. Ludington’s DQ is only open until October 6th! So get it while you can!


All in all, it was a great fall day with pals. Hope you enjoyed your first weekend in October!

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